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Hi. I’m Eric, and I’m a Colourblind Graphic Designer May 19, 2016

Eric Bargenda, Design Director, shares the challenges and benefits of a career in graphic design as a member of the tribe of the colour blind… I don’t have a specific memory or embarrassing moment from my childhood that marks the moment I realized I was colourblind. It was stated rather…

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Well-Made: Pixel Fauna May 4, 2016

Daniel Adams, Art Director, Graphic + Motion, is a sucker for pixel art. Popular movie franchises reduced to a few thoughtfully placed squares… Handcrafted objects done in 8-bit style on Etsy… Classic paintings suffering a case of pixelitis… Fez. Here, he discusses his inspiration and process as he created his…

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A Cold Refreshing Glass of Brand Equity January 5, 2016

Tasked with updating one of the most recognizable logos in the province was a surprisingly easy project for us. What was the trick? Respect the brand and don’t mess with the equity. Dairy Farmers of Ontario (DFO) is the marketing organization for the largest sector of Ontario agriculture. They are…

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Clients Don’t Care About Kerning Wallpaper December 6, 2015

Jargon doesn’t hide a weak strategy any more than liquid paper covers sloppy thoughts. Enjoy this free, downloadable wallpaper to help you focus on design thinking over design speaking. DOWNLOAD

Design vs. Advertising August 20, 2015

With the surge in popularity of design as a cultural preoccupation (poor, poor IKEA), the dichotomy between advertising and design remains firmly in place, perhaps more than ever. Graphic design, as a cultural preoccupation, has made huge gains over the last ten years, seeing significant growth as a post-secondary course…

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Inside T+K: Chip Kidd’s Autograph August 19, 2015

What is it: signed postcard by Chip Kidd Where is it: Eric’s desktop American designer Chip Kidd is probably best known for his work in book cover design. Eric’s fanboy love of the designer stems from the Reese-like union of Kidd’s design and… comic books. This birthday-themed photograph was taken…

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T+K Community: Canadian Stage May 2, 2015

We’ve always wanted to work with Canadian Stage. Why? Because they add something to the Canadian experience and their programming fuels the kind of gratifying conversation you can really only count on getting from a Woody Allen film. Oh, and they’re our neighbours. We’d been in talks for awhile about…

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Designing the Great White North: Volume I September 18, 2014

Here at T+K, we have a bit of an obsession with Canadian design, and what we call Canadian Spectatorship. We want to make friends with that new tech start-up from Halifax, visit the roadside yard zoos of B.C., and chase down the origin story of beautiful pieces of vintage Canadian design…

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Annual Report Design: Why Does it Matter? August 26, 2014

For design agencies, there are few projects more beloved than annual reports. The layout possibilities are vast and the budgets often accommodate the packaging of year-end financials in beautiful design, fine paper selection, creative print finishes, and unique bindery. Or beautiful, layered microsites and apps. But in this climate of…

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Vintage Canadiana Valentine Cards January 23, 2014

We’re the kind of people who see a need and react. When someone casually asked if using boxed valentines would make their child a social outcast, we paused to consider the effect of DIY madness on the parenting class, the working class, and those who go home with an empty…

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Inside T+K: Lite It Up! December 16, 2013

Tamm + Kit Holiday Card 2013 from Tamm + Kit on Vimeo.

Inside T+K: Beautiful Detroit December 9, 2013

Every so often in our business, work and discovery perfectly intersect and you are reminded of how lucky you are to have cause to travel to places in North America outside of your regular flight path. Like Detroit. Of course, we’d heard and seen many attempts at documentary, at ascribing…

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Inside T+K: St. Jacob’s Market Salvaged Wood Tables November 5, 2013

In August, our glass boardroom table shattered and left us without a gathering place to share tales of adventure or lunch. The search for a new working surface was on. In our business, timing is everything. Beau counted a young cabinet maker among his social circle and suggested we meet…

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SoProud 2013 October 5, 2013

We do a lot of work with not-for-profit clients. Designed solutions in this space can be challenging due to budget restrictions parlaying into a need for efficiency and economy of art, copy, and method. Without any wiggle room on strategy, the creative needs to be bold, arresting, and different. This…

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T+K Wins Silver October 2, 2013

Our series of promotional posters, Canadian Spectatorship, has won silver in the Graphis Poster Annual 2014. The series was created by members of our design studio out of a shared fixation with the theme of Canadian identity and are for sale in support of Design Hope Toronto. One of the…

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Poster Design: The Paper Forest August 20, 2013

What is more Canadian than nights spent around the campfire in national parks? Holly uses paper collage with custom photography technique to create a warm, layered scene that makes you smell roasting marshmallows that aren’t really there. An interview with Holly Barimah, Sr. Designer, Art + Craft, on her silver-winning submission, The…

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Poster Design: Curds August 16, 2013

Daniel Adams combines his love of texture, patterns, and vector illustration with the edible glue that binds our nation. Finally, a meal you can hang on a wall! An interview with Daniel Adams on his silver-winning submission, Curds, in the Graphis Poster Annual 2014 competition. T+K: The creative brief asked you…

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Poster Design: Ogopogo August 10, 2013

The monster that’s seldom seen (but fun to say) evades capture even in art. Combining photography, type, and illustration, Eric successfully pairs the visual with the experiential, delivering that horrible feeling you get when seaweed brushes your leg, if not the creature itself. An interview with our own Eric Bargenda…

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Well-Made: Branta Canadensis In Flight July 23, 2013

While some of us who inhabit the annual migratory path of the regal Canada Goose may see their summer visits as a nuisance, Daniel sees nothing but beauty. This gorgeous and original embroidered iron-on badge will enliven even the most drab camp blanket, jacket or knapsack, and is a great…

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Well-Made: Saamis: Head Dress of a Medicine Man June 30, 2013

If you’re enjoying a drink on your downtime, why not multitask? This set of six beautiful coaster designs will not only keep your furniture moisture-ring free, they’ll enrich your conversation. Enjoy the design and learn all about the origins of the famous place name Medicine Hat. Impress your friends! An…

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